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Dan Lewis with Peter and Annarita McNeeley attend Green Day concert at Boston House of Blues - October 2016
Peter and his wife Annarita with our best friend Dan Lewis (left) at the Green Day concert @ the Boston House of Blues (October 1, 2016)
Peter McNeeley and his wife Annarita at the Green Day concert at Boston House of Blues - October 2016
Peter and Annarita McNeeley rocking out to Green Day at the Boston House of Blues (October 1, 2016)
Peter and Annarita McNeeley on their wedding day (September 2016)
The Hurricane Takes A Wife — Mr. And Mrs. Peter McNeeley: Peter and his beautiful bride Annarita on their wedding day (September 12, 2016)
Wedding Party - Dan McGonagle, Nancy Grey McNeeley, Peter McNeeley, Annarita McNeeley, Jordan O'Keefe, Ada Tauro, and Dan Lewis
The Wedding Party: (left to right) Dan McGonagle (Peter's stepfather), Nancy Grey McNeeley (Peter's mom), Mr. Peter McNeeley, Mrs. Annarita McNeeley, Best Man Jordan O'Keefe (Annarita's son/Peter's stepson), Maid of Honor Ada Tauro (Annarita's sister) and Best Man Dan Lewis
Peter McNeeley and fiancee Annarita Petrosillo-O'Keefe - Fall 2015
Peter McNeeley and fiancee Annarita Petrosillo-O'Keefe (right) smile for the camera (Fall 2015).
Peter McNeeley, Annarita Petrosillo-O'Keefe, Dan Lewis, Billy Coiley, Toni and Franco DiOrio
Pete celebrates his 47th birthday with financee Annarita Petrosillo-O'Keefe and close friends Dan Lewis, Billy Coiley, Toni and Franco DiOrio.
Peter McNeeley, Annarita Petrosillo-O'Keefe and Cliff Phippen at the South Shore Boxing gym
Peter McNeeley and Annarita Petrosillo-O'Keefe with Pete's former trainer Cliff Phippen (November 2015).
Josh Phippen, Peter McNeeley and Cliff Phippen
Peter McNeeley flanked by Josh Phippen (left) and Cliff Phippen (right), manager of the South Shore Boxing gym.
Peter McNeeley, Massachusetts Lt. Governor Tim Murray and Jorge Neves
Peter McNeeley is flanked by Massachusetts Lt. Governor Tim Murray (right) and former college roommate Jorge Neves (left) at a political fundraiser (October 2010).
Peter McNeeley and Massachusetts Lt. Governor Tim Murray
Heavy Hitters — Peter McNeeley chats it up with Massachusetts Lt. Governor Tim Murray.
Peter McNeeley and daughter Nadiya Gabrielle
Daddy's little girl — Peter with daughter Nadiya Gabrielle (age 1), holding remote control.
Nadiya Gabrielle at 10 months
Nadiya Gabrielle is all smiles at her first communion (September 2008)
Tom McNeeley III holds niece Nadiya
Uncle Tom — Tom McNeeley III holds his niece, Nadiya (Christmas 2008)
Peter McNeeley and grandmother Catherine Gray
That's my Nana — Peter visits his 92-year-old grandmother, Catherine Gray
Peter McNeeley and Martin Grealish
Peter working out with trainer Martin Grealish at the Grealish Boxing Club in Dorchester, Mass.
Dan McGonagle, Nancy McNeeley, Peter McNeeley and Vinnie Vecchione
Stepfather Dan McGonagle and mother Nancy McNeeley pose with Peter and manager Vinnie Vecchione
Peter McNeeley and the Falmouth guys - Summer 2006
Cape Cod, Summer 2006 - Peter McNeeley and the guys from the Steven M. House in Falmouth
Jamie Steinwachs and Peter McNeeley
Pete with former roommate and sparring partner Jamie Steinwachs - Fall 2006
Peter McNeeley and Pablo Ramos
Fight night - Peter warms up on the mitts held by longtime trainer Pablo Ramos while waiting to enter the ring
Peter McNeeley and Larry McGuire
Pete with good friend (and occasional sparring partner!) Larry McGuire of Charlestown, Mass. - Summer 2000
Peter McNeeley and Tom McNeeley
Two McNeeleys for the price of one - former top ten contender Tom is in his son Peter's corner
Godfather Pete and Baby Joey
Godfather Pete holds nephew Joseph at the baby's christening. Joseph is the son of Pete's brother Shawn and wife Donna.
Peter McNeeley and promoter Terrence O'Malley
Peter McNeeley settles up with shifty promoter Terrence O'Malley after a fight.   Sometimes the pay in pro boxing isn't as much as people think.
Peter McNeeley and Cliff Phippen
The Hurricane with former trainer Cliff Phippen. Cliff ran the South Shore Boxing Club in Whitman, Pete's home base for most of his pro career.
Pro boxers Peter McNeeley and John Scully
The Hurricane meets up with light heavyweight contender & good buddy "Ice" John Scully at an ESPN2 fight card in Hampton Beach in July 2002.
Peter McNeeley with trainers Eddie Alago and Pablo Ramos
Pete takes a break from his Saturday workout with trainers Eddie Alago and Pablo Ramos at the Police Athletic League boxing gym in Framingham.
Peter McNeeley and Sports Guy Bob Neumeier
The Hurricane wraps up an interview with "Sports Guy" Bob Neumeier of WBZ-TV Channel 4 in Boston.
Peter McNeeley and Chris Farley
Peter McNeeley shares a laugh with the late Chris Farley in 1996.
Nancy McNeeley and Peter McNeeley
Nobody does it like Mom - Nancy McNeeley takes care of her boy.
Tom McNeeley and Peter McNeeley
Tom McNeeley congratulates his son Peter after a KO victory in the ring.
Peter McNeeley with dog Major
Pete with man's best friend - the late Major McNeeley - getting ready for their morning roadwork.
Peter McNeeley and Billy Gillis
Peter hangs out with long-time pal Billy Gillis of Medfield.