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Thursday, February 4, 1993  




Medfield's "Hurricane" Peter McNeeley was prepared to hang around and spar for a while Saturday. Then he changed his mind.

The 215-pound, 24-year-old heavyweight prospect ran his professional boxing record to 14-0 with a first-round technical knockout of Charlestown's Ron Drinkwater Saturday at the Chelsea National Guard Armory.

"I came out and tried to stay relaxed and just box," said McNeeley, who recorded his 11th knockout and ninth first-round KO in Saturday's win over the 230-pound Drinkwater.

McNeeley opened the fight by landing a couple of crisp jabs to Drinkwater's jaw. Drinkwater, who entered the ring with a 22-2 pro record but had been out of action for several years, regrouped and responded with a jab and a hook to the body that backed McNeeley up against the ropes.

"I could tell that he was strong and could hit hard and I didn't feel like messing around with him," McNeeley said.

McNeeley then snapped off a combination culminating with a crunching right to Drinkwater's head that sent him to the canvas. Drinkwater stumbled to his feet and took a standing eight count from the referee.

"He got up but he looked out of it," said McNeeley. "He had a really puzzled look on his face."

Determined to continue but unable to do much else, Drinkwater began taunting McNeeley, inviting him to take his best shot. McNeeley did just that, landing a devastating array of body blows.

"He hadn't been in the ring for a while so we figured his body wasn't in condition to take that kind of punishment," said McNeeley.

McNeeley then unleashed a stiff left hook that crashed into Drinkwater's face and drew steams of blood from his mouth and nose. McNeeley followed up with a punishing flurry to his head that had Drinkwater flailing in desperation.

BLOODBATH IN WHITMAN — The furious onslaught of Peter McNeeley (right) turned opponent Ron Drinkwater into a bloody mess in their heavyweight fight at the Whitman Armory Saturday night.

"His corner tried to throw in the towel, but it got caught on the ropes," said McNeeley.

At that point, just over two minutes into the start of the fight, the referee mercifully stopped the carnage. Both fighters and the referee, as well as the ring apron, were splattered with Drinkwater's blood.

"The guy said he wanted to continue," said McNeeley. "But it was getting ridiculous. He was gushing blood and at that point he had connected on probably three punches to my 40."

McNeeley will go for win No. 15 on Feb. 20 at Foxboro Raceway. The fight is part of a live undercard that will be followed by a pay-per-view telecast of the Julio Caesar Chavez-Greg Haugen fight.

McNeeley's next opponent is Stanley Wright, a 6-foot-10, 280-pound giant who trains at Petronelli's Round 1 Boxing Stable in Brockton.

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