METROWEST DAILY NEWS Monday, September 20, 1993


McNeeley Now 21-0

By Tim Flaherty

Revere's Wonderland Raceway turned into a battleground Sept. 10.

"Hurricane" Peter McNeeley of Medfield was about to fight his way to his 21st victory as a heavyweight boxing contender. His opponent was Holyoke's Juan Quintana. McNeeley was sure this fight would best demonstate his boxing potential. His ability, endurance and skills as a heavyweight were on the line.

Undefeated Peter McNeeley (left in upper photo, right in lower photo) of Medfield dominated veteran Juan Quintana to win a unanimous decision in their heavyweight fight at Revere's Wonderland Raceway.

As the first round started, both fighters went to work immediately. The two fighters resembled two scorpions on a hot summer's day. With a circle dance, and a widening gyro evolving, the neon lights intensified the action.

McNeeley used the "stick and jab" style most of the time, while Quintana adopted a more defensive posture.

The second round opened quickly, with Quintana attempting to establish a dominance. He tried unsuccessfully to pick up the pace with some good counterpunches. McNeeley began to sting Quintana's face with right jabs. Quintana began to cover up by using the "peek-a-boo" style reminiscent of heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson. Although this defensive style was resourceful, Quintana wasn't counterpunching at all.

In the sixth and seventh rounds, McNeeley's heavy body punches began to take their toll.

In the seventh round, Quintana started to fire out some solid punches, one of which struck McNeeley on the left jaw. Quintana looked like a frustrated man, a good trench soldier, a man who had fought a long and exhausting battle. As expected, with the eighth and final round, Quintana was all defense, with his right hand tucked tight against the right side of his face. As he threw wildly with his left, McNeeley was landing hard shots and scoring points offensively.

In triumph, McNeeley won his 21st fight by a unanimous decision. He proved he had "the right stuff."

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