The Boston Herald - Sports Saturday, January 21, 1995


By George Kimball

FOXBORO — For almost half a minute last night at Foxboro Park, there appeared to be some danger that a fight might actually break out.

Kevin Wyrick's nickname, "Wildman," was emblazoned across his waistband, and he briefly lived up to it. In the end, though, it took less than half a round for the Kansas City heavyweight to become victim No. 33 on Peter McNeeley's record.

Peter McNeeley watches referee Bob Benoit give outgunned opponent Kevin Wyrick a standing 8-count. McNeeley won the heavyweight bout with a first round KO.   (Click on image to display at full size)

At the opening bell, McNeeley came bulling out of his corner and ran smack into Wyrick's own charge.

"I came out and crashed into him," said McNeeley. "It was an effort to intimidate him, but he's a tough kid and he didn't succumb to that."

Wyrick, a rugged type who is missing half his left ear after a career on the rough-and-tumble Midwest circuit, put his head down and drove McNeeley into the ropes, grabbing him with one hand and desperately flailing away with the other.

"He even tried to hit me in the jewels a couple times," laughed McNeeley, who seemed more surprised than offended by the tactic.

"I decided I'd better go back to what I do best — power punching," said McNeeley.

No sooner had the combatants resumed than McNeeley thudded two hard rights off Wyrick's head, sending him straight to the canvas. Seconds later, a right to the head and a punishing left hook to the body put him down again.

After another trip to the canvas that referee Bob Benoit very generously ruled a slip, McNeeley crashed two more rights off Wyrick's head to knock him off his feet for the third and final time. Only 1:22 had elapsed, and as the official verdict was announced, McNeeley shouted, "I want Tyson!"

Kevin Wyrick congratulates Peter McNeeley on his victory last night at Foxboro. A veteran of the rough-and-tumble Midwest circuit, Wyrick said he was particularly impressed with McNeeley's punching power. "I've never been hit so hard in my life!"

"Wow! He can really hit," said Wyrick, now 16-7, as he ruefully rubbed his chin. "I've never been hit like that!".

McNeeley, 33-1 with 27 KOs, may want Tyson, but he will likely get Mike Dixon next. McNeeley is also slated to top a March 17 card back at Foxboro.

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This story was published on page 36 of the Boston Herald on 01/21/95.