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World-class heavyweight contender of the 1950's and 60's
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Boxing has been part of Tom McNeeley's life for as long as he can remember. It was there when he learned how to walk, on his first day of school, and when he made his Holy Communion.

"I was born into boxing," he said. "I had gloves on my hands since I was a little kid. Maybe two or three years old. My father was a fighter, my uncles were fighters. In those days, boxing was everywhere. It was at the boys' club, the YMCA, churches had the CYO (Catholic Youth Organization). I was seven when I started boxing for our church."

Note: The above two paragraphs are serving as a place-holder until I have time to write up the actual biography. The text was taken from a profile on father and son boxers Tom and Peter McNeeley by Robert Cassidy in the February 2003 issue of Ring magazine. See the news page of this website for a link to the complete article.

BELOW — The fightin' McNeeley clan (from left to right):  Bryan ("Snubby"), dad Tom Jr., Peter, Tom III, mom Nancy, and Shawn.

The McNeeley family legacy continues...
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